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What makes EDI Interesting?

The aims and objectives of the EDI can be summarized below:

Ease of doing Business

This initiative aims at improving Nigerian companies Ease of Doing Business with Foreign Businesses World Wide

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Regional Collaboration

Facilitating access to Nigerian market will improve intra-African trade significantly.

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National Development

An improved economy will result in better infrastructure, enabling policies and intra-agency collaboration within the country

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Trade Balance

Increased export of high quality Nigerian goods and services to the rest of the world.

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Nigerian Diaspora

The Nigerian professionals in the diaspora are encouraged to contribute to Nation building and human capital development.

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Business Matching Platform

Connecting Tested, Proven and Vetted Companies in Nigeria to credible Foreign Companies thereby facilitating ease of doing business, growth local content exportation, regional collaboration and National Development.

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Professionals in Diaspora

The need for a database of Nigerian professionals in the diaspora is synergistic to the drive to diversify the economy and promote trade in Nigeria. Developing Human capital and reversing the Brain drain will significantly advance industrialization in Nigeria.

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  • “There's a feeling of structure that you can't find in other websites — EDI has become my default connection platform.”
    Jason Briggs
    Envato Customer
  • “Variant has been a massive plus for my workflow — I can now get live mockups out in a matter of hours, my clients really love it.”
    Rob Vasquez
    Interface Designer — Yoke
  • “We’ve been using EDI to connect quickly and efficiently. Needless to say we’re hugely impressed by the network and value.”
    Maguerite Holland
    Interface Designer — Lagos

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